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About Ocean Elan

Our ambition is to be part of the movement away from fast fashion by creating eco-conscious swimwear that is more accessible and affordable. 

We're not perfect, and we don't claim to be but as our brand grows and evolves we want to take you on our journey towards being as sustainable as we possibly can be.



All of our current production takes place in the Shanghai region of China. The factory is fully BSCI certified ensuring a high standard of ethical and behavioural practices. Workers are paid over minimum wage with regulated overtime and have a good working environment. 

Our team are currently investigating further options with different suppliers to improve sustainability and carbon neutrality within the supply chain. 



Our swimwear is made using recycled nylon. Recycled nylon diverts waste from landfills, largely old fishing nets, whilst using less resources for the production process. 

The lining used throughout our swimwear is single composition which means significantly less resources are used to recycle and regenerate it for future use. 

We are currently investigating options to double line our swimwear with recycled nylon to increase our sustainability levels. 



To reduce our output as much as possible, all packaging used can be recycled by our consumers and all delivery boxes are made from recycled cardboard.



Similar to many other eco-conscious and sustainable brands, we want to give our community a way to recycle their old swimwear to increase the lifespan of the materials, reducing waste. 

Send us any used/old swimwear that you are about to discard and we will ensure the materials are recycled and re-used. Please contact us for the address and once we have received the parcel you will receive a 10% discount code for your next order.